I’m feeling Blue

No you’re not in the wrong place… lilmisschickas is showing you nail varnish and a pretty snazzy NOTD post!  As you will know, blue is my favourite colour in the whole world so there is nothing I love more than making my nails look like blue talons.  that’s when I do paint them of course…
I fell in love with Topshop Missile last year and I picked up the Models Own ‘Freak Out’, from the Mirrorball collection at the back end of last year and immediately thought I MUST put them together!  ‘Freak Out’ is a clear nail polish filled with a wonderful combination of blue and purple glitter (like you’d use at primary school to make your picture all shiny and sparkly!)
I adore this combination and will defiantly be sporting it again in the future.  Longevity wise, with a top coat this combination lasted six days with chipping my was a massive pain to get off and I had to bring out the big guns… the foil wraps!
I think the ‘Mirrorball’ collection is still available here on the Models Own website and Missile is part of the permanent collection on the Topshop website!  Are there any more glitter collections I should try, I’m addicted?