Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm Review



…or to give it, it’s full name the ‘‘ (and breathe.)

If you haven’t guessed, I’ve been using a new cleanser.  This beauty from Emma Hardie found its way into my Feel Unique Sale Basket when it had an eye watering 30% off.  Not bad really when you think it makes the price go from £34 to £23!  Cleansing balms are a new form of hot cloth cleansers
I’ve been using this cleanser as part of my routine for a while now and is it too early to say I think I may have found one of my 2013 favourites?  I love everything about this cleanser from the way it makes my skin feel after I use it to the delightful smell that makes me smile while I’m massaging it into my face.  Before using it, I use my Bioderma Crealine h20 (review here) to remove my makeup, pat my face dry with a towel and the take a small amount between my fingers.  The texture is hard and would definitely not be comfortable to rub on your face without diluting.  So that’s exactly what you do.  I let my hot water tap dribble out water allowing a bit to land on the balm and then massage it between my hands.  It turns into a beautiful cream that spreads all across the face with ease.  A little certainly goes a long way with this product and you can also use it straight on to a made up face if you like removing your make-up and cleansing all in one.
In terms of cleansing it is very gentle for the skin but manages to get the days grim off with ease.  This is also a great product if you are looking for something that will brighten the skin because your face cloth will take off dead skin as you’re washing it away which makes it a perfect exfoliation product too.  I’ve also read that it helps to minimise your pores which is always a bonus!
I’ve love using this product, especially with all the cold weather as it makes my skin ready for serum and moisturiser which are working to the max at the moment!  It is definitely love and perhaps/ almost definitely a contender for the position of my favourite cleanser.  It may be time to say ‘step aside’ to my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish…
Have you tried the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Life and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm?  What did you think? – It’s currently on sale at