Beauty Resolutions 2013

New Year is the perfect time for making resolutions that I’ll never stick to past March.  Either way though, they’re fun to make and this year I thought I’d just make some beauty specific ones because if I am going to keep to any, it will probably be those ones.  So here it goes…

1. Thou shall moisturise my skin at least three times a week – as the total currently stands at zero!

2. Thou shall take better care of my nails – aka I won’t bite them when I am stressed or bored and I will stop biting nail polish off them.

3. Thou shall clean my make up brushes more often – This is something I really try to do but as the only fee time I have is on the weekends, sometimes I really can’t be bothered.

4. Thou shall stop picking my spots – Gross I know but hands up, this is what I do.  I’m just going to reach for one of the many spot fighters I own and let them do their magic.

5.Thou shall use up more products before buying more – probably the resolution my bank balance with love the most!  I’ve only ever made one empties video on youtube because I NEVER get to the end of anything! 

6. Thou shall take my makeup off as soon as I come home and not just before bed!

So there you have it.  The beauty rules I am determined to stick to in 2013.  I’d love to know if you have made any beauty resolutions that you’re going to try and stick to this year?

Happy New Year everyone 🙂 


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