Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub Review

There is nothing I love more than going into Boots and browsing the
Soap and Glory section.  It is full of
wonderful products and smells that make me excited for bath time.  I picked up breakfast scrub after reading so
many positive reviews on it and I thought it was about time I gave it a
I’ll admit I’m not really an exfoliator… Well, that’s not fair.  I’m really good at exfoliating my face and do
it at least twice a week.  My body, not
so much!  Occasionally I’ll reach for the
loofah when it’s hanging there in the shower looking oh so pretty and willing
me to use it but most the time I forget.
The answer to my solution is simple, get a scrub that will wash AND
exfoliate my skin!!  Breakfast scrub has
done just that.  The first thing I will
say about it is that it smells like, well, breakfast… maple syrup pancakes to
be exact.  It reminds me of holidays to
Florida with my mum where I usually gorge at breakfast time.  It also reminds me of summer camp… take me
back!  If you don’t like sweet smelling products
then this might not be for you.  The
product also contains honey and oats but the maple syrup smell is overwhelming
in comparison.
Packaging wise this has the usual S&G cutesy retro packaging and
the tub you get is huge.  Which is
fantastic because another thing I should mention is that you barely need to use
any product at all so it will last ages! 
The texture is very thick and sugary but it does the business on scaly
and dry skin.  After using this product on
the dry skin on my legs and heels I noticed such a difference.  It took away all the excess skin that allows
my moisturiser to skin in and be more effective!
All in all I’ve been really impressed with this product and for a lazy
showerer (excuse the made up word there) like myself it is perfect.  So that’s my exfoliation problem sorted, now
onto the new years resolution of moisturing like a mofo!!
Have you tired Breakfast scrub? 
What were your thoughts?