My Blogging Year 2012

I cannot believe that I have been blogging for nearly a year (it’s my blogs birthday on the 28th January).  2012 has been an amazing year that has flown by and the reason I think it has is because of blogging.  So I thought I’d share my blogging year with you.
So the last few days of January is where it all began for me.  When I waited for James to go to work, opened my laptop and began to write to my 0 followers.  It felt incredibly liberating and was very exciting.  My first beauty related post was dedicated to my new bottle of Mac foundation that had been a favourite of mine for years.
February was the month I began to dabble in different types of posts; reviews, Sunday posts, life related posts etc.  I also signed up to my first beauty subscription box; Glossybox and posted my first review of it.  At the end of February I started up my YouTube channel and filmed my first video which was my February favourites.  It was here that I really caught the blogging bug after spending all my spare time on my blog and reading others.  It was official, I was addicted.
During March I began to discover my favourite bloggers and YouTubers.  I loved watching everything from reviews to daily vlogs.  I also began experimenting with different types of videos on my own channel.  On the blogging front, I was featured on another bloggers page for the first time and began to realise what I preferred to blog about.
April was an exciting time in the world of ‘lilmisschickas’ I hit my first milestone: 100 followers.  I know some people get there a hell of a lot quicker but I was so proud of my achievement and I celebrated with a small giveaway so somebody could win my favourite Topshop lipstick.  There were also big changes happening in the ‘real’ world – I dyed my hair back from brunette to blonde, something I hadn’t done for over a year.  I also posted my first ‘Outfit of the Day post which got a fantastic response and I was fortunate enough to be invited to a Nars Masterclass with one of their world famous makeup artists!
During May I carried on happily posting away on my blog and making youtube videos.  I participated in a Secret Blogger Swap with ‘Her Late Night Cravings’ and received some beautiful items from them.  I also posted my first ‘Nail of the Day’ post and at the end of May, ‘lilmisschickas’ got a makeover and had a whole new redesign.

June was also a month of firsts.  I posed my first daily vlog on my YouTube channel, did my first wish list post and discovered the miracle that was the Rio Sonicleanse.  I cannot tell you how thankful I am for this as it cleared up all the dry patches on my skin with minimal effort.  We also celebrated the jubilee so ‘lilmisschickas’ got all festive for the occasion.  I also cancelled my Glossybox subscription after being disappointed with the June box.
July was a busy month in the world of ‘lilmisschickas’.  Olympic fever well and truly hit at the end and I couldn’t tear myself away from the BBC’s 24 channels!  During the rest of the month however I had been a busy bee myself.  I’d been to see the torch, taken a trip to the seaside and blogged about my first PR sample which was a face mask from Montagne Jennesse.  I also hit 300 Followers and celebrated with a little giveaway.
This of course is my favourite month of the year and 2012 was maybe the best ever? It started with me going to watch beach volleyball at the Olympics and spending ‘Super Saturday’ in Hyde Park cheering on Mo, Jess and Greg with thousands of others!  Then it was all about my birthday and holiday to Paris.  I blogged all about my French Pharmacy haul (they kick Boot’s and Superdrugs’ asses), showed you all the outfits I wore and had my first guest blogger post whilst I was away, the lovely Megs from Wonderful You.  I also invested in a Macbook and began editing my videos with imovie which saw the quality improve dramatically!
In September I seemed to get all serious, kicking the month off with a ‘Let’s talk about University‘ video  which was really a good excuse just to remember my own Uni days.  I also posted a ‘How much is my Face worth’ style post and think I came off reasonably in it.  I also made the decision to limit my Instagram style posts to once a month rather than once a week.
October was my busiest month blog wise with me posting 25 times, more than I ever had before.  It was jam packed with the posts that I love to write and it was also the month of another big milestone: 500 Followers.  Agin, to some that isn’t a lot but for me it’s amazing and I’m still totally overwhelmed that 500 people wanted to read what a young girl from Birmingham was rambling on about.  I also hit 300 YouTube followers so decided to give you guys a tour of my childhood bedroom!  The month ended with a picture of my hallowe’en costume, rather brilliant if I do say so myself!!
This was a quiet month for me as I was still getting my feet under the table at my new job and that little thing called life got in the way! Winter had well and truly worked its way into my blog and I started to talk about my saviour products that would get me through the cold season.  I also took part in my first blog tag: Beauty Bloggers which was fun to write but I realised I prefer filming tag videos.
Well, where to start with December.  What a month it has been.  I was excited for my second Christmas with James, we moved house (again!) and I’ve just posted my 200th post!  I took a wonderful Christmas trip to London at the beginning and finally invested in a new DSLR camera so I can start to get serious with my YouTube.  I was spoilt for Christmas by my family and am looking forward to spending New Year’s Eve chilling out with them too.  The year has ended with a mammoth video about my favourite products of 2012 and I can’t wait to start it all over again tomorrow!
So that is it, that has been my blogging year in 2012!  At midnight, my Blog archive (over there ——> will archive the whole year under the ‘2012 button’ and create ‘2013’ and I’ll drink to that.  Here’s to 2013 and the new adventures it will bring!!

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