Christmas a la lilmisschickas

So I thought I’s post a few snaps from Christmas day in the lilmisschickas household.  Christmas morning always starts at my mums house, usually when I decided it’s time to get out of bed!  Then it’s present unwrapping time.  We always take it in turns to unwrap a presant each; Mom, me and James.  Holly likes to explore the wrapping paper and of course she gets a doggie stocking full of treats and toys!

Breakfast is always pretty simple, tea and toast as we load up on food at dinner.  We then heard to my aunties house to spend the day with the rest of my mum’s family and lunch is served around 3ish!  My aunties and mum run around like mad woman plating up different things and running bowls of veg, potatoes and gravy to the table to name but a few.

After dinner we tend to lie around digesting and then eat pudding in the the living room before opening more presents from the family.  My mum and her sisters go off to walk the dog whilst my cousions and I tend to play on the Playstation or Wii.  Then our parents get involved and it can be carnage for a while and a lot of laughing and getting out of breath tends to be done!  Finally it’s time for Christmas TV (Doctor Who) and home for more cheese, wine and a movie!

All in all, it is the perfect family day and this year was no different!  I hope you had a brilliant few days!!


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