A Huge Haul!!

backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!  Did you miss me?  If you watched my last
video you will remember I said I might be M.I.A for a while due to moving
house, lack of internet and lack of time.  Well, that has all passed;
we’re finally in our new flat, our internet is working and I’ve done all my
Christmas shopping to boot so I can get back to creating videos! Woohoo!
hope you like my temporary background, of course it’s very festive!  I’m
still looking for a new permanent set up for filming but until then (read: when
the Christmas Tree is taken down) I’ll be using this one.  
hope you enjoy this video.  Rather than unpacking boxes, I’ve been doing a
tiny bit of shopping.  To be honest, James prefers to unpack without me.
 Apparently, more gets done when I’m not there.  I’ve picked up a
real mixture of products/clothes so I thought I’d show you before this video
became as long as an episode of Big Bang Theory (Loving that at the moment!!)
light of recent events, I’ve also done quite a lot of shopping for the home so
if you’d like to see a home haul please let me know. 
**Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you by the way.  Yesterday I reached 800 GFC followers which I am so proud and thankful for!  Thanks for all the support guys and gals!! x x