Toni & Guy Deep Conditioning Mask For Blonde Hair Review

I’ve been looking for a deep conditioning treatment for my hair for a while now.  I stumbled upon this Toni & Guy Deep Conditioning Mask for Blonde Hair while it was on offer in Boots.  The fact that is is made for Blonde Hair also appeals to me as I know I don’t do enough to maintain my coloured tresses.  The mask is easy to use as you just use it like a normal conditioner, after shampooing, but you leave it on for a few mintes longer (5 minutes to be precise).  With the risk of sharing ‘Too Much Information’ I tend to put it on and then do anything else I need to do in the shower, cleanse my face, shave my legs etc and then wash it off right before I get out.
Toni & Guy say it is an intense nourishment that will enhance colour and shine.  I’ve been using it once a week, for a few weeks now and I must say the improvement of my ends has been vast.  My next confession may shock you but I haven’t had my hair cut properly in about eight months.  Yes, yes I know, naughty Charlotte.  The reason is that when looking at money I’ve always opted to have my hair coloured so I don’t have to walk around with horrific roots.  I’m digressing slightly, back to my ends.  My hair is full of split ends due to heat abuse over the years but this mask has smoothed them down, making them manageable and not looking like the ends of a Lions Mane (Do Lion’s get split ends?)  My hair was also left soft ans shiny and feeling light, something I will never complain about.
Overall I’ve been impressed with this hair mask but then again I have nothing to compare it too as I was a complete hair mask virgin before I tried this one.  I’m very much of the opinion though that if something is working for you then why worry about if something else is better.  Of course, being a beauty, skincare, haircare junkie the chances are I will probably try another at some point in the future but at least I know I have a good one to go back to.  

You can also get the Toni & Guy Deep Conditioning Mask for Brunette hair and it is available from Boots for £7.19 or £6.39 from the Toni & Guy website (link above).

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