Soap & Glory Hand Food

Becoming a beauty blogger has thrown up a number
of firsts for me.  Throughout my addiction to make up and skincare I’d
never really considered things like hair masks and hand cream.  Well I did
a post on popping my hair mask virginity (see here) and this one is all about
my first hand cream.

picked up this mini Soap & Glory Hand Food during my Boots 3for2 haul (see video here).  Like I said, I’ve never used a hand cream before as I’ve
never really felt the need.  Recently however my hands have been feeling
rather dry and rough.  My mum has sworn by hand cream for years and has
always told me that there is no point moisturising you face if your hands are
going to give your age away.  Of course, she has a point so it is now
something that I have decided to incorporate into my daily routine.
Food is a gorgeously scented, white hand cream that sinks into my hands really
quickly.  It contains Shea butter, macadamia oil
and marshmallow (quite a bizarre ingredient I must
say!) and smells and girly and it makes my face want to break into a huge
smile.  What I also love aboiut this product is that it sinks into the
skin so quickly and doesn’t leave that greasy film on the skin which has put me
off using hand cream for years.  This is the perfect winter meal for your hands.
defo going to invest in a big bottle for my dressing table and probably one for
my desk at work.  The miniature will probably find its way into my handbag
I imagine.
you have a favourite hand cream?