The Ultimate YSL Combo

As many of you know, this summer I found my summer foundation soul mate in the form of the YSL Touche Eclat Foundation in B10 (full review here).  It is light in texture and light in shade which is great considering I am rocking a snowman-esque complexion of late.  It really does make my skin look more radiant, less dull and in great condition.  It manages to mask most of my blemishes (sometimes needing a little help) and I really cannot fault it on its staying power too.
A month or so ago I decided that on the back of my love for the foundation, I would try the world famous Touche Eclat pen.  Since purchasing this I have since learnt that the biggest misconception about this product is that it is concealer, it’s not!  The Touche Eclat pen is meant to be used as a highlighter.  While its main purpose is to conceal dark spots on the skin (such as under the eyes) it can also be used for banishing signs of fatigue and adding instant radiance to where it is applied.  I’ll be honest I don’t quite know how I’ve gotten by without it.  Before, I was using heavy under eye concealers which yes got ride of bags but would look cakey and dull.  My Touche Eclat pen makes me look more awake and I also use it to highlight my brows and draw more attention to the eyes.  I also like to use it to highlight my nose and around my lips.
I absolutely love using my Touche Eclat foundation and concealer together.  It is the ultimate YSL combo designed to banish that tired looking skin and instead leaving you with bright, radiate skin that looks fantastic and awake.  I never usually buy into the fact that if you use items that are all the same brand they will work in much better harmony than if they weren’t, but in this case I whole heartily agree and I will continue to use them as my ‘not so secret’ weapon against dull, tired looking skin.
What are your thoughts on bout of the YSL Touche Eclat products?