Rio Sonicleanse: 4 Months On

So I was supposed to write this post at the three month mark and I don’t know what happened so I though it would be best to hold off until the four month mark.  So… four months of using the Rio Sonicleanse and I have to admit I’m still as in love with it as I was in month one.
If you want to read/watch a more in depth review of earlier months click here for first impressions, here for the 4 week update or here for the youtube video!
This is a quick time table of how I used it:
Weeks 1 to 3 – Twice a day
Weeks 4 to 8 – Once a day
Weeks 8+ – 2 to 3 times a week as needed.
I defiantly went through a purging stage with the sonicleanse.  It was not fun.  It was not pleasant.  But it was a necessary evil.  I never knew what clear skin was until a came through the other side of the purge.  Before I started using it, my pores were huge and usually full of blackhead gunk regardless of what cleanser I used *gross* but there has been a noticeable difference since using the Sonicleanse.  My pores are smaller and I have very little blackheads.  My dry patches have also disappeared so that my skin feels smooth and soft.  It also means that make up, namingly foundation is going onto my face easier, blending easier and looks even better than before.  Spots are a rarity these days.
Is my skin dependant on it?  I would say a little.  I went through a stage of not using it at all for about 3 weeks and I did notice the odd spot in areas I hadn’t got them in since before using the sonicleanse but you could say that about any part of your skincare routine.
I use mine around about two to three times a week (three in the week leading up to that time of the month).  I honestly don’t think I could now be without my beloved skincare accessory.  I need to purchase some new brush heads for it as mine is now over three months old and that is the recommended maximum usage.  They are available from Rio Beauty and for £14.95 you get a years worth of brush heads… not bad in my opinion.
All I would say to anybody thinking of investing in one is prepare yourself for the purge and don’t give up half way through.  My purge took four weeks but like I say it was for the greater good.  I’ve also heard of people who haven’t had a purging stage and they put it down to the fact that they never used it more than once a day in the beginning when they recommend you use it twice.  Remember that everybody is different and you have to find what works best for your skin!  I didn’t stick around at the twice a day stage for too long myself.  I just found it too much after a while and once a day was comfortable for my skin.
The Rio Soniclease is available from the Rio Beauty website for £49.99 but I have seen it cheaper around the web.  You just have to shop around.  It’s been the best beauty investment I have made and I will ave to anybody who will listen!!
Do you own a Sonicleanse?  What are your thoughts?