My New ‘IT’ Bag

Ever since I can remember I’ve been a bit of a handbag enthusiast but not in the way you would expect.  I don’t dream of owning hundreds of handbags in every size and colour.  I am very particular about what I want.  I won’t even consider at a bag if in my eyes it looks cheap, cheap and well cheap (a subjective view of course).  I’d love to stock up on every bag that Primark sells but sometimes I look at them and wince and I’ll admit I think ‘why have they made that, it’s so ugly?’.  Don’t get my wrong I love Primark and I do own a bag from Primark and it is gorgeous.  The finish is amazing and it doesn’t actually look like it if from Primark, more like Topshop or H&M!!  Anyway, now I’ve rambled on about my weird handbag requirements…

I picked up this little number in Zara for £39.99.  it is part of their basic range and it was exactly what I went in looking for.  I wanted a work appropriate bag that still had some detailing on and would work across all seasons.  It’s made of leather with some suede detailing around the handles and the sides.  I love it.  for me it says ‘I’m serious, organised and professional’ (OK maybe I’ve been reading too much of the ‘Shopaholic’ series).  I’ve never actually owned a black leather bag before and I’m so pleased I picked this one up to add to my collection.  It’s the perfect size for all my handbag essentials (and then some), sturdy and has a zip on the top so I know it is secure.  I can’t wait to transfer all my handbag bits into it.
Does anybody else have any kind of specific formula or requirements they use when buying a handbag?