My Childhood Room Tour

As my most loyal blog readers know, I like to write about different things on my blog.  To me, my blog and youtube are not just about my beauty musings but also other aspects of my life.  Orginally, I had planned to write about what it is like living with your boyfriend.  The reality is that today I have been lying on my couch, eating chocolate and reading ‘Shopaholic Ties The Knot’ (I’m obsessed with this series at the moment) and while I still plan on writing that post I thought today I’d show you a video that I recorded a few weekends ago of my childhood room 🙂
I adore our little flat but it’s just not the same as being able to decorate how you want and having your parents funds to do so (if only…).  I hope you enjoy the video!  I was a little nervous about putting this out there for the whole world to see because it is a personal thing, but I believe it’s shareable as it’s just a bit of fun really… Oh and I enjoy a little Youtube snoop every now too 🙂