Maybelline ‘Master’ Liners Review

The quest for dramatic eyes that won’t be smudging half way down the face by noon continues.  This week I’ve been trying out the Maybelline Master Liners, both the liquid liner and the kohl liner and I’m ready to give my verdict.  I picked up these two products when Superdrug were doing a deal; ‘Two Maybelline products for £10’.
This is a felt tip liner and I know a lot of people have love hate relationships with them for one reason or another.  Personally I love them.  I find them easy to use and I can be very precise with them.  I’ve tried a few including Collection 2000 and Soap & Glory’s efforts.  I was impressed with the pigmentation of the Maybelline liner and the swatches on my hand were difficult to get off so I was expecting great things…  It smudged absolutely everywhere.  Even with eye primer it was all over my lids after half an hour.  I’m starting to think that my lids and above the eye liner just weren’t made for each other (because of the way my eyes are set in my head).  The nib has also gone dry quite quickly.  I store this pen standing vertically with the nib facing down by even still it doesn’t feel like any ink is getting into it.  Very disappointing.
This is going to be a tale of chalk and cheese because I absolutely LOVE this product.  This is the first kohl pencil I have used that hasn’t budged an inch.  It goes on with excellent pigmentation; it’s very dark, is very creamy and dries matte.  It glides onto the waterline easily and smudges out before it dries.  But once it dries is stays put.  I actually struggled to get all of it off at the end of the day, even with my trusted Bioderma which normally removes waterproof make up easily.  I didn’t mind the extra few cotton pads though.  It was worth it to finally find a liner that isn’t going to end up half way down my cheek!!  My one criticism of this product is that to get more product you need to twist it up and my gosh you have to put some elbow grease into it.  Very difficult!
Overall I am not really wowed by these products.  The kohl eyeliner is definitely one of the best I have ever used but I probably won’t repurchase it as I’m determined to find eyeliners that can’t be faulted.  Then again, if I can;t find anything better i know  where I’ll be coming back too. Cake and east it anyone?  Any suggestions?  The quest continues…
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