Lush Snow Fairy Review

During the Nottingham Bloggers Meet Up I finally succumbed to buying Lush Snow Fairy. I’ve heard great things about it and was desperate to give it a sniff. As soon as I did it was love. Of course it was always going to be love as I think it smells exactly like ‘The Godmother’ soap. Godmother is one of those products I don’t buy very often but when I do I remember why I love it. It smells divine; very girly and sweet scented… Snow Fairy is exactly the same.
Lush describe it as smelling of a mixture of candy and pear drops. All I know is that I wish there were a low fat, edible version of it! It is also worth mentioning that there is glitter mixed in with the gel so anybody who hates standard lush glitter products probably isn’t going to be a fan of it. The glitter doesn’t really stick around though and neither does the overpowering whiff of candy. It is very subtle after you come out of the shower and leaves only a subtle fragrance on the skin that doesn’t conflict with perfumes and moisturisers. Speaking of using it, I find that it lathers quite nicely and a little goes a long way too.
I’m gutted that Lush only release this around Christmas time. I will most certainly be stocking up with a few extra bottles. I suppose I can be grateful to the fact that we can purchase ‘Godmother’ all year around. The good thing about it smelling so girly is that James doesn’t go anywhere near it which means it lasts longer. If only he’d stay away from my expensive conditioner too… that would be great!!
You can buy Snow Fairy in 3 sizes 100ml (£3.50); 250ml (£6.25) and 500ml (£10.25).
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