L’Oreal Elvive Nutrigloss Haircare Review

Now I’ll be honest and I’m no beauty product snob, but I never thought I’d be reviewing my “don’t even think about what I’m picking up” shampoo and conditioner.  This product was actually picked up by my other half because it was pink and he thought I would like it.  I’ve never really been fussed by my shampoo or conditioner, typically I pick up whatever is on offer in Boots.
A few months ago (actually read EIGHT months ago… wow) I met ‘Lush Big Shampoo‘ and fell in love with it.  I use it once a week as a deep cleanse for my hair.  A few weeks ago I decided to make a more conscious effort with what I am putting on my head (look out for more reviews coming up) but for now I’d like to share a cheap but lovely haircare routine I have begum to develop.
I’ve been really impressed with this this outing from L’Oreal.  I know its been around for ages but this is the first time I have used L’Oreal Elvive Nutrigloss.  I’ve found them to be great.  My hair feels lovely and clean, smooth and healthy.  If you watch me on YouTube you will know that I’ve been very naughty and haven’t had my hair cut for a while and my ends are not pleasent.  They are dry, split and I’m going to say it, GROSS!  Nutrigloss has actually smoothed them down and my hair looks much healthier for it.
I would recommend these products to anybody who can’t afford all out, expensive haircare.  They’ve done the trick for me in the most basic form of haircare 🙂 My hair is clean, soft and manageable. You can pick these up in Boots and Superdrug (usually on some kind of offer!)
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