Essie Bahama Mama Nail Polish Review

If you are reading this on the day it has been posted I’m probably screaming my face off on a ride at Alton Towers!  Last week I posted about my girly pamper weekend (see here) with my friends from University, Charlie and Elysia.  During painting our nails, Elysia decided to use ‘Essie Bahama Mama’ from Charlie’s collection which is a beautiful deep plum and the perfect Autumn/Winter shade.
Some how, it has ended up in my make up bag (whilst things of mine ended up in theirs) so before I return it next week I thought I would show you all it’s beauty.  Now you might be thinking, ‘Charlotte, you’ve lost some weight in your fingers…’ however this is the photo I snapped of Elysia’s talons before we left the next day.  Essie describe ‘Bahama Mama’ as a ‘warm, rich, creamy, deep plum’ (mouthful) and I think they have hit the nail on the head (excuse the pun).
I love my Essie polishes.  I love the vast array of shades you can get and there are definiatly some cult favourites (Mint Candy Apple, I’m lookin’ at choo).  I’ve heard people complain that they chip really easily but I’ve never had that problem.  
Bahama Mama is part of the diffusion line and has the nice thick brush.  I think next time I pass a Boots or Superdrug I’ll be adding it to my own collection.
What do you think of ‘Bahama Mama?’  Will you be adding it to your collection?