Cleaning Out My Closet

Last month I was asked to Guest Post on the Lovely Helena’s blog so I thought I’d share it with you guys 🙂 
Whenever I think of the words ‘cleaning out my closet’ I sing them like Eminiem.  Of course this post is about cleaning out your actual closet and not metaphorical one we all have.  Every so often I have the urge to clear out my wardrobe to make space for new purchases and also because for me a tidy wardrobe equals a tidy mind.  There is nothing I hate more than my floordrobe although I’ll be the first to admit that it is a regular occurrence.

So how do I go about getting my zen back in the wardrobe area?  Firstly I’m ruthless!  It is something I have had to train myself to be.  Back in the day I use to look at an item and think “Oh I ‘ll get around to wearing that again…” and you can probably guess that I never did.  Now I look at an item and if I haven’t worn it in the last 6 months it goes.  It’s probably worth mentioning that my wardrobe is co-ordinated by season and that I tuck out of season clothing away until I need them.  So don’t worry I don’t suddenly in the middle of winter have the urge to rid myself of all my summer dresses.  They just go in boxes until they become more weather appropriate.
So what do I do with the items that I no longer need.  I have a four stage process: Ebay, Family, Charity Shop and Bin.

I start the pile off with considering if they will be good to sell on ebay. Anything branded usually ends up on ebay and a couple of other things too. I don’t think it is unreasonable to try to gain money back for branded clothing that are still in good condition. I’m always very careful about how I list them, detailing and photographing any imperfections they may have. Yes I know that ebay and paypal can charge extortionate fees but I appreciate anything I can get back. It usually ends up being spent on other clothes or make up thus continuing the cycle.
The next step after ebay is to see if any family members want any of the items. I have a teenage cousin who is constantly eyeing up my wears. It’s not that I am particularly stylish, far from it actually, I think she just sees me as being a little bit cool (oh if everybody was like her…).  My Auntie usually eyes up my jeans. We are of similar height and weight and she likes some of the cuts that I no longer wear.
Charity Shops
After my family have finished looting my stash, I give anything that is still wearable to the charity shop. My mum was always a fan of charity bags that came around. I’m a big believer that you should aways try to give something to the charity shop, especially if you buy from there. It’s called clothing karma baby and if people don’t donate then we would never find anything in there would we?
The Bin
The bin is only reserved for unwearable items that cannot be passed on to others. This includes underwear, clothes with holes in or permanently stained items. I would never dream of stuffing these in the charity bag. A big no no!!
So that is it. That’s how I sort of the items I no longer want. I think cleaning out your wardrobe from time to time can only be a good thing. It creates space and you really can do something positive with them, whether that is earning some extra pennies for yourself or doing your good deed for the day. 

How often do you clean out your wardrobe?