The Perfect Base

If there is one beauty related wish that every blogger would wish for it would be to find that foundation that would give you the perfect base.  Foundation is like the white undercoat you put on when painting your wall.  Once you have the pefect base coat you can then go on and do all the pretty detailing.  Of course that is where the comparison between paint and make up should stop and those that apply foundation like it were paint should really consider why they do that.  Of course in a perfect world we would all have flawless skin; no spots or dry patches and we wouldn’t need foundation.  Sadly for many of us this isn’t the case and we rely on our foundation to mask our imperfection and highlight our best feautures.
My quest for the perfect base started when I was 16, I made the step from drug store to make up counter and started to take more of an interest in what I was putting on my face.  Below charts the story of my ‘Quest for the Perfect Foundation’ and the three foundations that I now reach towards.
Mac Studio Fix Fluid
Funnily enough Mac Studio Fix starts and ends this story.  This was the first foundation that I ever bought at a make up counter and I have unintentionally come back to it every time.  I’ve tried to sway from it, I really have, but I just keep finding myself restocking when I pass a Mac counter.  This gives medium to full coverage but never leaves you with that caked-on look.  I use this as my winter foundation when I need a touch more coverage.  I do however find this foundation a little drying so I always make sure my skin is full of moisture.  If it feels too dry I will shy away from my trusted Mac favourite.
Laura Mercier Tinited Moisturiser 
It took me a while to buy into the whole tinited moisturier game.  My mother has sworn by it for years and refuses to use anything else.  I was a little skeptical at first but since discovering the Laura Merier one am a total convert!  There are so many benefits in using a tinted moistuser.  Number One, it moisturises the skin whilst providing coverage.  Number two; Its much lighter than foundation for when you only want minimal coverage (like in the summer months) and Number three, if you can’t access your moisturiser for an reason, don’t sweat it, you can just use this.  The Laura Mercier Tinited Moisturiser is a dream to use for all the above and I have just found it lasts better that oother TM’s
YSL Touche Eclat 
This is a new find of mine and I am in love!!  This is quite possibley my favourite foundation of all time.  I glides on to the skin with ease, buffs in quickly and iluminates my whole face.  I go from having tired looking to radient skin in a matter of minutes.  It lasts for ages and doesn’t turn orange as the day goes on.  I really could gush about this all day.  HOWEVER it does have one negitive factor.  No SPF! Not good if you want to wear in the day (even on cloudy days whe should be using SPF).  I don’t understand why YSL failed to put this in!  I do have to slip on a primer if I wear this in the day to counter the lack of SPF but to spin this into a postive there is ZERO flashback when being photographed at night with it on.
So there you have it.  My quest for the perfect foundation has momentarily ceased thanks to these three little beauties.  Of course as my skin evolves I will have to pick the search back up but for now I am satisfied.  For full reviews of the three products just click on their names.  I’d love to know what others reach for for the perfect base.  Please tell!!