Sleek Contour Kit Review

So after months of searching the land (read Birmingham), I have finally managed to get my hands on a Sleek Contour Kit in Light (£6.49).  The fateful moment happened in Superdrug about three weeks ago now.  I was looking for a new Essie polish, then out of the corner of my eye I spotted it.  The bottom of the Sleek counter had a lone product… the Light Contouring kit!  I hurried over and grabbed it then sneakily (naughtily) opened the box to check it was pristine, which it was, grabbed my Essie and made my way to the checkout.
OK excuse the little story but I was just so excited when I found it and now I’ve had it at home to play with I feel, well… a bit deflated.  I’ve seen so many positive reviews on this product that I was expecting to love it.  But actually, I’m not all that impressed with it.
As you all know, I’m a bit of a paley… snowman would accurately describe the shade of my skin.  The Pressed Powder (the bronzer bit) just looks orange when applied to my skin.  I feel like my face looks grubby and dirty looking.  I’ve tried lots of different brushes to apply it, my blush brush, my contouring brush to name a few, and I get the same result with all of them.  The jury is still out on the highlight.  Some days I wore it and though ‘oooooh that looks lovely’ and other says I felt like it did nothing for my cheeks and can barely see it.  It is a shame.  I really wanted to like this product and i think it is such a useful tool to have in your make-up bag.
The little leaflet that comes with it says that it is for all skin tones.  I beg to differ as I think that if I was perhaps a skin tone darker maybe it wouldn’t look so orange but on my snowman skin this has been a big no no and unfortunately will probably find its way into my ‘blog sale’ box!
What do you think about the Sleek Contouring Kit?  Worth the hype?