Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

For my birthday last month I was treated to a long weekend in Paris by James.  Of course I went armed with a shopping list for French Pharmacy favourites that we either couldn’t get here in the UK or they were available online but stupidly expensive!  I picked up the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre after hearing lots of good things about it.  I’ve been using in now for about three weeks so I thought I would share my musings with you all.  I love it.  That’s your lot folks… No seriously though this is one of the best things I’ve ever put on my face so prepare yourself for a rave ladies.
Firstly a bit of background on this product.  It was developed in a Paris hospital in the 1950’s by dermatologists to use on all skin types.  I believe you can use it whether you’re 2 months or 125 years old.  It comes with a leaflet with lots of advice on about keeping your skin great which i found to be such a great addition.  It told me lots of things that I personally never knew before; such as when you wash your face you MUST dry it straight away.  If you allow it to dry naturally it will actually dry the skin out too!  I think this is a lovely touch to add a general bit of beauty advice. 
You only need to use a small pea sized amount to comfortably moisturize your entire face; a benefit as it means I won’t be running out any time soon!  It has a light texture and it honestly feels like you are rubbing a ‘cloud like’ substance into your face; it glides on like a dream.  It works as both a moisturizer and a primer and my make up sits really nicely on top of it.  I use it both in the morning and last thing in the evening.  I like applying it after my Estee Lauder ANR (review here).  They have similar cell renewal properties and I like to think they are working in harmony to protect my skin from showing signs of ageing.  Sticking with the sciencey bit this product also helps to reconstruct your skins hydrolipidic film – the barrier that protects your skin from ‘aggression’ and helps the skin to retain water… not bad then.  There are no extra ingredients in there either; all the ingredients will be used by the skin in some way.  I should just mention that it contains beeswax so if your allergic to it (as some people are) this won’t be for you.
Negatives, negatives; are there any?  About the product itself?  I really can’t think of any.  The only thing I would probably say is the price to have it shipped to you (around the £18 mark plus p&p I believe) however if you consider that it does have similarities to ANR then I would consider it a bargain.  I will definitely be restocking on this when I run out.  I hoping to be able to get to Paris again before this happens… Hey I can dream 🙂