No7 Natural Blush in Coral Pink

I’ve become a big fan of blush.  Up until late last year I was strictly a bronzer girl, a quick dab on the cheek and I was away.  These days however I like a bit more colour on the apples of my cheeks and have obtained quite a collection of blushes that can satisfy that requirement.
I picked up this No7 Blush from Boots when they were giving out their £5 off vouchers.  I’ll be honest, I won’t look at the No7 range unless they are giving out the vouchers because you know that sooner or later they will run the promotion.
This No7 blush has a really smooth texture and is easy to build up on the cheeks.  I like the fact that the packaging is big, meaning that my whole brush can fit on it with one touch (unlike some of my favourite MUA blush where I alway end up doing a few sweeps).  The colour is lovely, however I would say it was closer to pink than to coral.  I think the name is a tad misleading.  I’m not sure the photos really show it but this blush has a hint of glitter in it.  Who doesn’t love glitter?  I don’t, not even subtle glitter!!  Not in my day blush anyway but at night I think it’s wonderful and works well with highlighter!!
Overall I really like this blush for night time (going out) use and will continue to use it.  Would I repurchase?  I’m not sure.  I’ve actually never found a blush that I couldn’t live without and if I had to choose between blush and bronzer it would be bronzer all the way!
I’ll be posting a ‘My Make-Up’ post on Thursday and will be wearing this blush if you you want to see a swatch on ma faceeee!!
How about you?  Ae you a blush or a bronzer girl (or guy?)