Essential Beauty Tools

There is probably a thousand reviews out there about Real Techniques Brushes, and rightly so.  They are reasonable priced, cruelty free and they not only get the job done but they do it well.  I’m a total convert.  I now own the Core Collection, the Starter kit, the Stippling Brush and now the Blush brush too.  I decided a few weeks ago that my previous blush brush had seen better days (or years… I think I’ve had it since I was a teenager!) and that it was time to invest in a new one.

What I like about my RT brushes is that they are soft but supple.  They don’t loose their shape even after washing them.  I use my Blush Brush to apply both my bronzer and my blush as it’s the perfect size for my face and I can even use it for contouring (I have hamster cheeks alright!)  It is honestly my favourite brush out of the whole collection except for perhaps the Buffing Brush which deserves a whole rave review of its own.  I’m thinking of investing in a second one so I have separate ones for Blush and Bronzer… and it’s pink, enough said!

Do you have a favourite Real Techniques brush? Am I missing any must haves out of my collection?