A Little Treat: Origins Face Masks

I’ve been hunting down a good face mask for a few weeks now.  A couple of weeks ago I picked up a few Origins ones after spending way too much time on Anna’s blog.  She is always featuring Origins products on her site/ in her videos and I’ve had nothing but success from my ‘Super Spot Remover’.  So I decided I’d give the ‘Origins Clear Improvement’ and the ‘Origins Drink Up Intensive’ masks a go.
I think I’ve read somewhere (and I’m so sorry I can’t remember where) that when you use a clarifying mask you should team it up with one that is very moisturising.  This is because the clarifying mask draws everything out the pores and washes all the grim away but can also take some of the moisture out of the skin.  That is why I’ve decided to use these two together.  The Clear Improvement mask draws all the dirt from my pores then the Drink Up mask adds any moisture that is lost back into the skin.  I’m really keen to test this theory out.
I’ve only used them twice at the moment so am holding off on a full review but there will definitely be one once I’ve started seeing the effects.  I’m very keep to find a few good face masks as all I see people do is rave about their benefits.  Is there any others you would recommend?