The Sonicleanse 4 Week Update

I can;t believe it is Sunday already!  Where do these weekends go ay? Oh well… on to business!!

I’ve now been using my Sonicleanse for approximately four weeks so I thought it was time for an update.  For those of you that don’t know, the Rio Sonicleanse is a Clarisonic Dupe.  For more details click here!

Anyhoo’s… the 4 week update!  As most of you know I was one of the unfortunate ones who could not avoid the ‘purging’ stage of the routine.  I’ll be honest four weeks later I only just feel that I am coming out of it.  My chin is still a bit of a blackhead ‘fest’ however I am noticing a considerable difference in actual spots.  They are definitely less frequent!  Currently I am using my Sonicleanse once a day.  I cut down from twice a day about three weeks in.  The breakout was unbearable for me.  I know that maybe I should just have powered through and used it twice a day for longer but I thought that perhaps that was too much for my skin all in one go and since I reduced my usage, the number of spots at any one time are much less.
One product that gas helped is the Origins Super Spot Remover (see review here).  I’ve been using it to zap spots as the Sonicleanse brings them to the surface.  Spots are definitely disappearing quicker that they ever have done in the past.
In regards to the overall difference to my skin; the biggest difference is that it is so smooth and never looks grey and dull any more.  I never look in the mirror and think my skin looks tired.  Also remember the red, dry patches I mentioned in my last post… completely gone.  All that’s left is smoothness!
Would I recommend the Sonicleanse?  Most definitely.  It was much cheaper than the Clarisonic and has had a very positive impact on my skin.  I will be doing an eight week update to let you all know if I ever get out of this purging stage!! 
Has anybody else had a longgggggggggggggg purging stage?  Any tips?