OOTD: A Whole Outfit for under £30 and a Happy 100th!

All Items are Primark
Jumper: £11
Jeans: £7
Shoes: £6
Belt: £2.50 (for three)
Vest top: £2.50
Total:  £29!
Firstly can I say, Happy 100th Post to me!  I thought I’d celebrate by doing a rare OOTD post.  As you can see, all the items I am wearing are from Primark and came in at under £30, can you believe it?
As you all know I’m a casual sort of girl who doesn’t always accessories except for my Tiffany Necklace and Bracelet (presents from parents for my 21st) and my ring (present from the mama for graduation).  This outfit happens to be a hangover throw on after a heavy night but I love it!  The jumper is so comfy and will be great in the summer (if it ever comes!) to throw on over a vest top in the evenings.  As far as I am aware you can still pick up both the jumper and jeans in Primark!
In all honesty I ummmed and arrrrred about posting this.  I’ve become a bit self concious of late (mainly since I went up a jean size) and have since embarked on a healthier lifestyle including both eating and exercise.  Being so comfortable in my relationship has caused me to gain a little tum as we love our food!  I’m not saying this for sympathy, I’m saying this so that I can look back in a few months and hopefully see results!
Anyhoo’s I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope I can do a few more in the future.  Once again thank you for all the support you have shown me, here’s to the next 100!!!