Rio Sonicleanse: First Impressions

Last week I managed to get my hands on a Rio Sonicleanse, a popular alternative to the Clarisonic.  Usually, the Rio Sonicleanse is around the £50-60 mark although I have seen them advertised at £40 on one website.  I however was lucky enough to pick mine up for a mere £25 (hallelujah ebay).  The lady whom I bought it off had used it once and didn’t like the sensation so sold it.  Of course I immediately threw away the brush head she had used.  It may seem silly to some but the fact that it had touched somebody else’s skin meant it was definitely not going anywhere near mine.  If you think about what the Sonicleanse does to the skin, imagine all the bacteria and dirt that get on the brushes!!  The second brush head was still sealed in its packaging so I open it and popped it on the end.

Now obviously I can’t tell you how amazing this product is because I need to give it a good road test but I do have a few first impressions to share with you.
I can honestly say it’s the weirdest sensation on the face!!  I usually have a pink glow for half an hour or so after use as it gets the blood pumping around your face. Of course I am seeking out the perfect cleanser to try with it.  I’ve been using a few this week so I will update you all on these over the coming weeks.  I’ve had lots of recommendations and I can’t wait to try a few out too.  
Secondly, I’m dreading the so called ‘purging’ stage.  If you haven’t heard what this is, basically your skin has a bit of a bitch fit at you when you first start using any sort of device like this because it disturbs it more so than normal cleansing does.  It gets right down into your pores and brings all the dirt and nasties to the surface causing a few more bumps than you would normally get.  This apparently settles after a few weeks but I’ve heard lots of different stories about people who have seen practically no purging stage to others that have cursed the day they started using it.  I will just have to wait and see…
I have a question for those of you out there that are already using a Sonicleanse/Clarisonic.  When do you cut down from using it twice a day to once?  Is it personal preference?
I will keep you updated on my progress.  I’m hoping this will be my bargain buy of the year 🙂 

Check out my video for a more in-depth review!