#bbloggers: The Debate

For those of you that don’t know, #bbloggers is the hashtag
used by beauty bloggers on a Sunday Evenng where they chat about all things
beauty and blog related.  I’ve been
participating in it now for about eight weeks and so far I’ve definitely seen
benefits.  I’ve used it as a platform to
advertise my blog, I’ve found some great blogs of which now I am an avid reader of and I’ve met some lovely girls who are like minded and share my passion.  Overall it has been a fantastic tool which I
have found fun, interactive and useful. 
However lately I have noticed that there are some bloggers out there who
view it in a negative light so I thought I’d do some research to see how it is perceived in the beauty community.  I spoke to a number of bloggers to get their opinion on #bbloggers.  I’ll just use this opportunity to thank everybody who contributed.
When speaking to ‘established’ bloggers I got the impression
that they like the concept of #bbloggers chat but dislike what it has now become.  This is
for numerous reasons.  Some think that
the people who participate don’t really care about other people and
that they just want to advertise themselves. 
Some think it is repetitive, while others believe there is a better way
for bloggers to interact.    I’ve seen
numerous ‘established’ bloggers make these comments then get jumped on, being
called a bitch or mean.  I’ve even heard people say that they don’t understand how hard it is being
a new blogger theseday.  Well they do
know how hard it is, I’m sure their follower count and ‘established’ status was
hard earned.  I guess there are just
more of us around now and that it could be more difficult to establish yourself
with a popular blog.
Like I said earlier I’ve had good experiences with #bbloggers, but I’ve also had bad.  When I say bad I mean they have left me with a sour taste in my mouth.  A few weeks ago I was told off for spamming my link at the end.  As a newbie I didn’t know that I was doing anything wrong.  I thought you just sent your link to everybody at the end and that everybody did it.  An ‘experienced’ blogger kindly (but rather sternly I though at the time) told me to stop and that it wasn’t good blogger etiquette.  I remember feeling like I’d been told off and ‘who was she’ to tell me what to do.  It made me think…  Have any other new blogger ever been made to feel like they are told what is right and wrong in blogger world?.  Some complain that #bbloggers gives the same message every week;  ‘it’s your blog, be yourself’ but there we all are week in, week out saying don’t do this, you can’t do that… 
In fact, I’ve found a number of ‘newer’ bloggers have been made to feel bad by what they would describe as ‘bigger’ bloggers.  They are of the opinion that these bloggers are rude and feel they can get away with it because they are established.  Some feel that #bbloggers highlights the gap between the ‘established’ and the ‘newer’ bloggers.  They feel that they offer criticism and little support or advice.  Newer bloggers feel that #bbloggers is a great tool for self-promotion and that it should be embraced.  There seems to be less of a stigma attached to using #bbloggers as a promotional tool by ‘newer’ bloggers than ‘established’ ones who feel it can become a spam attack.

While researching for this article I have heard some fantastic #bblogger stories.  One was about a blogger who was having problems in her ‘real’ life and used #bbloggers as a release and a way to make new friends.  It helped rebuild her confidence and reminded her that she is not alone.  Surely this is the concept of #bbloggers working at it’s best; bringing the beauty community together to rally around each other offering support, advice and friendship.

I will continue to participate in #bbloggers as and when the topic interests me as I genuinely believe that it can be a great platform to meet others and share your blog.  Of course, it’s each to their own.  I suppose this argument is going to conclude the same way as #bbloggers does; everybody is entitled to their opinion and there is no right and wrong on your blog.  Sometimes opinions will differ and unfortunately you can’t stop people having their own and you can’t like everyone.  If an opinion doesn’t match yours there is no need for a tirade of abuse.  Accept it and move on.  You don’t have to follow them or read their blog… the beauty of #bbloggers is that you will probably find somebody else that does share your opinion… and that’s great, right?

What’s your opinion on #bbloggers?  Do you use it or detest it?