My Updated Skincare Routine: The Morning

Before I started blogging I hadn’t altered my skincare routine for nearly four years.  I was regularly heard bemoaning about my skin; the breakouts, the dry patches, the oiliness…  It never occurred to me to change my routine, I thought it was still working for me… how very wrong I was.
Since I started taking a more active interest into what I am actually putting on my face I realised that what worked for me as a teenage most certainly doesn’t work for me now and that what works for one person does not mean it is going to work for another.
Below is my up to date morning skincare routine.  At the moment I feel that I have my skincare down.  My skin has never looked so good (if I do say so myself)… of course I’m not saying I have perfect skin, just the best it has been for a while!!  FYI at the moment I have very dry skin, it’s all flaky and blergh, but this routine has helped me keep it in check!!
Step One 
Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish
Who doesn’t love a good bit of Liz Earle C&P?  This is brilliant for refreshing my skin first thing in the morning removing all the dead cells and preparing it for makeup.  I’m sure I don;t need to talk about it too much but it’s a ‘plant based cleanser’ and just makes my skin feel squeaky clean! – My one gripe about Liz Earle is that it’s not available in Birmingham – I can’t find it anywhere! Yes it’s available online but I like going to a store and being shown how you use a product and be able to smell it!  I guess I will just have to wait for the new John Lewis (which opens in about 15 years…)  Other than that I love everything about this product!
Step Two
Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum
I discovered this in last months GlossyBox and it has become a firm favourite.  It smells delicious, like cloudy lemonade and I can smell it on my skin during the day!  I’m a bit fan of serums and this is a really hydrating one (just like the label says…)
Step Three 
No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Dry Skin
I’ve been using this for a number of months now and can honestly say it is a great moisturiser.  It hydrates my skin and allows my make up to glide on so smoothly.  It also has SPF 15 in and a 5* UVA rating – because who doesn’t want to be protected against the elements, especially when they cause ageing!!  A winner in my book!!
I decided to create a whole other post for my night time routine for I feared it dragging on a bit… so check back tomorrow for my Night time routine!!
What’s your favourite product to use in the morning?
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