My ‘Go To’ Foundation: Mac Studio Fix Fluid Review

Foundation is great.  It can cover spots, hide uneven skin tone, give you that dewy glow you only dream was natural or that matte finish you’ve been dying to get.  It also has it’s downsides.  It can make you face look a totally different colour to your neck, dry out your skin, cling and highlight your dry patches…
Yes, we all know that foundation can be our favourite product or our worst enemy.  On a bad skin day it’s the item I couldn’t live without.  Which is why I find it so important to find one that’s right for my skin.  I’ll be totally honest, when I find one I like I rarely stray from it.  I don’t have have fifty foundations knocking about my draws.  I have two, maybe three that I reach towards on a daily basis.  My main ‘go to’ however is my ‘Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation’ in ‘NC15’… pretty pale I know!!
For those of you that are not familiar with Mac colours, NC stands for neutral cool which means it is suitable for those with warmer, or more yellow undertones while NW which stands for neutral cool which means you have cooler more pink undertones.  According to Make-up artists, I have a selection of both making me very lucky as I can use both kinds (even on the opposite undertone it still matches my skin well).  I suppose I go for the one that looks best when my skin is colour matched that day.
I love my studio fix fluid.  I find it gives me a good, well balanced coverage.  I can build it up for nights out or use the smallest amount in the day time.  I’m quite lucky as my skin is well behaved at the moment meaning I need very little of it (The canvas can definitely affect the end result!).  It does have a downside, the fact that it doesn’t come with a pump (so annoying) but I suppose once you have one you’re sorted.  On the upside, it’s Mac which means it will count towards the ‘Back to Mac’ scheme for a free lipstick (Hooray!!) and it has SPF 15 to offer some protection against those harmful rays!!
BUTTTTTT… I’ve just found out something that makes me a little sad.  Apparently your’re not suppose to use this if you have dry skin?  Can anybody confirm this is true?  I’ve been using it for ages and I have dry skin and I’ve never noticed that it highlights it before.  Is this just a rumour?  Answers on a postcard along with your favourite foundation!!
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