My Skincare Routine

If there is one thing that I will always be striving to achieve it is
perfect skin.  Saying that however, up
until recently, I was pretty rigid with my skincare routine.  I was a Clinique three step girl.  I would cleanse, tone and moisturise without
questioning the products I was putting on my skin and whether they were still
actually working (I was matched when I was 17, I’m now 22).  But I suppose if something is working for
you, you are more inclined to stick with what you know.  What I’ve come to learn about skincare though
is that as soon as something stops working for you, boy do you know about it
and you need to change it ASAP!!
If you follow me on YouTube you will remember me saying how my skin had
suddenly become very dry and tight and that it punished me for even the
smallest indiscretion (leaving a small amount of make up on at night, not
moisturing etc).  I knew my Clinique was
no longer working for me and it was time for a change.  At first I thought I’d just change the
mosituriser so I invested in some ‘No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream for Dry skin’ for an extra
moisture surge.  Within a week I
immediately noticed a difference in my skin. 
It didn’t feel as flakey or dry. 
My foundation wasn’t clinging to my t-zone creating orange patches on my
face.  The success of this cream made me
take the step to eliminate Clinique from my moisturing routine altogether as I
also got the Day Cream too (I was just that impressed!!)
However, my skin still felt really tight after cleansing with my
Clinique (I’m Type 2 in the 3 step by the way). 
I did consider just getting the same cleanser but for dry skin (Type one
I think) but I saw the opportunity to go out there and try something
different.  After following beauty blogs
for just under 6 months I’d heard plenty of bloggers rave about Liz Earle’s
skincare range so about two weeks ago I took the plunge and purchased the ‘Cleanse and Polish’ with two muslin cloths. 
I realise that some will say it makes me a sheep but when so many people
rave about a product it must be doing something right!
All I can say is WOW!  This
cleanser beats my humble Clinique hands down! 
For the first week I noticed I had more spots and had a slight concern
that it wasn’t right for me.  But after
persisting with it after advice from my mother (that’s what a good cleanser
should do when you first use it) I can honestly say my skin has never looked
better.  I use it religiously at night to
remove my make-up and give my skin a light wash with it in the morning.  Of course the spots at the beginning was just
the cleanser working, getting deep down into my pores and lifting the gunk (I
hear the same thing happens when you first use the Clarisonic)  but now its maintaining my complexion without
drying it out.  I’m so impressed I want
to try other products from Liz Earle. 
This cleanser has been an absolute god send and has taught me that
sometimes your skin needs a change and that even if you have a great skincare
routine there could be something else out there to make it even better!
Now I know my routine is simple but it works for me.  I’m going to continue to try out new products as they come along so you never know in a few months time it could be totally different!!
What’s your ‘god-send’ product in your skincare routine?
x x