Magazines: Print v Digital

Now this might be a bit of an unusual post but I just wondered where people stood on the whole digital magazine versus the original print version of their favourite mags.
Being fortunate enough to own an iPad I have downloaded magazines on there but I also still buy hard copies from time to time.  
For the record my favourite girly mags have to be ‘Vogue’, ‘Company’ and ‘More’.  I like them all for different reasons.  Vogue is, well, Vogue, does anybody need an excuse to want to read it?  I like Company because it’s a mix of celebs, on trend fashion and beauty, luxury and budget brands.  More is my guilty pleasure mag.  Being a weekly it is full of celeb gossip, budget buys for when you’re broke and humorous articles about guys.  
So I thought I’d do a bit of a pro-con list for the on-line versions (in case anybody was thinking about switching to digital copies.)
  • You can buy it on the go anywhere (if you’re on 3g or in elected wi-fi zones)
  •     It’s easy to store all your copies in one place without having to stack them up in your room (although this can be a con also; see below)
  •  It’s better for the environment as they don’t use any paper which means less trees being cut down
  • You can skip through the adverts by using the contents page
  •  They’re quite easy to read in small spaces (depending on how you hold it)

  •       Some magazines don’t offer the discount on the digital versions that they do on the hard copies.  For example, last month’s ‘Company’ with Alexa Chung on the cover was only a £1 in the shops yet the digital copy was still £1.99… and to add to the confusion even more, the digital copy says £2 on the cover but only charges you £1.99 to make you think you are making a ‘saving’.  I personally think this is crazy and I will always make sure that the hard copy is the same price or more expensive before choosing to download the digital version instead.
  •  If there is a free gift, you don’t get it and it’s as simple as that!
  •      You can’t physically hold the mag.  This is the same argument for e-books too.  Some people just like having a tangible product that they can touch and feel.
  •      Browsing is just not as fun on the iPad as it is at a newsstand where you can browse through a few different mags and perhaps read a few pages to see what takes your interest.  The digital ones do offer previews but they just seem to be full of adverts and a few pages from random articles here and there.

I have to admit that I’m still on the fence about digital v hard copy.  The main reason I tend to hit that download button is because I don’t have access to the hard copy version (i.e I’m not near a shop… or I can’t be bothered to go to the shop!)  What’s your opinion on the subject?  Do you think I’ve missed out any major arguments?
Love Loves
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