Haul: Topshop, Boots, Lush and Matalan

Hi Everyone
So after pay day on Friday (woo hoo!!!) I treated myself to a little spree and came back with all of the above.  It would have been more but I had dragged my dutiful boyfriend with me so I didn’t think it was fair to punish him for too long 🙂
I went straight to Boots to find the ‘Real Techniques Stippling Bush’ by Samantha Chapman.  I have been toying between this and the Sigma Kabuki brush for a while now and when I heard that this one was coming to Boots stores I decided to try this one first.

Now I’ve always been a good girl with my foundation brushes in the past.  I remember going to by my first ‘grown-up’ foundation at 16 years old from Mac and dutifully buying the Mac 190 Foundation Brush so I could be just as good at applying foundation as the girl at the counter was.  I’ll be honest it has served me well for 6 years (only replaced it once and washed it a hell of a lot!) …But WOWWWW!! My foundation looks like it has been air bushed onto my face.  Its gentle fibres blend my foundation it better than I’ve ever seen my Mac 190 do before and I feel like I’m using less foundation because it moves it easier around my face as it blends.  The Stippling Brush blows my dutiful Mac out of the water!  I managed to secure the last one in Boots in the Bullring on Friday and the girl next to me way eyeing me up waiting for me to put it down… let me tell you, I’m so glad I didn’t I’m a total convert and will be purchasing the Core Collection and Eye Starter set very soon!!  What’s your opinion on the best foundation brush available?

…Right now I’ve rambled on about my stippling brush I can share the other things I managed to pick up with you.  While I was in boots I picked up the ‘Soap and Glory; A Great Kisser Lip Balm in Juicy Peach’.  It smells (and tastes) delicious.  I’ve been using it for a few days and it’s been great.  It’s really nourished my lips and it’s not to stickey… so far so good.
Next I went to Topshop where I picked up some lovely white pumps for the summer.  They are similar to ones I had in 2011 from River Island.  I wore them to death and they fell apart after one to many times in the washing machine.  I also picked up a basic blue t-shirt.  I love the colour.  The pumps were £16 and the top £15… I miss my student discount!!
Next was Lush for a full tub of Big Shampoo.  See Review below… enough said I think!!
Finally I went to Matalan to pick up a new top for work (dull) but it surprised me.  I know you can get some great things for Matalan but I have yet to really find anything.. until now.  I picked up a lovely dark blue top with some horizontal detailing.  I wore it to work today and it is lovely.  I also picked up an unscented candle because you can’t burn lots of different smells at once and I like to burn a few candles at a time 🙂
One last thing was a nail file.  I’m growing my nails at the moment so have had to learn how to file and lately I’m always in need of a nail file sooo……
Hope you guys had a lovely weekend.  Did you pick up anything nice?  I’ve got a couple of reviews to do over this coming week.  Also look what landed this morning at my office… made my day!!!