Haul: Mac, Superdrug, Lush and Disney Shop :)

Hi Everyone
So I popped into town today to pick up a card for James for Tuesday and ended up getting a few bits and bobs for myself.
Firstly I popped into Selfridges to redeem my six Mac containers for a free lipstick.  I spent ages at the counter looking at all the pretty colours.  I couldn’t decided whether I wanted something Natural or ‘wayyy out there’  Finally I decided on the ‘wayyy out there’ look and went for ‘Girl About Town’ which is a hot pink colour.  It’s so beautiful!!  I can’t wait to try it on a night out, I think it’s a bit to bright for everyday use.

In Superdrug I headed straight for the MUA stand looking for their ‘Love Hearts’ range, however they didn’t have it in my local one so instead I picked up a blusher in ‘Shade 1’ and a nail polish in ‘Shade 12’.  I’m so excited to try this nail polish.  As you may have read in my last post I’m growing my nails for the first time every so I can’t wait for them to be at a length I can use nail polish.  At only a £1 I’ve got nothing to lose!!  I love MUA, it’s so cheap but so good!!
Then I headed to Lush for my Mushroom bath bar from my last post (£2.49).  I’m so excited to try it, it smells delicious.  I won’t go into too much detail because I spent a while on them in the last post.  I also got a sample of ‘Big Shampoo’.  I’ve never tried Lush’s haircare range before but I’ve heard great things.  My hair is lacking in volume lately so I’ll try anything that will give it a boost.  The full pot is just under £11 a tub but I got a fair sized sample which should last me a few washes.

Finally I popped into the Disney Shop.  I have a major obsession with all things Disney so I can never resist when I’m in town.  Waiting for pay day is not fun, I saw so many cute things I wanted but couldn’t get.  In the end I settled for two face towels as since I moved out of home I can never find clean ones.  While I was queuing to pay I spotted a super cute reusable bag.  It’s pink with Minnie Mouse on and has a zip.  I’ll probably use it to take my lunch to work haha…
I’m so chuffed that I picked all this up for a tenner.  It makes waiting for pay day so much easier treating myself to little bits and bobs.  What do you guys like buying the wrong side of pay day to keep yourself occupied.  Comments below 🙂
Love Loves
x x