Hello followers

After starting my blog two days ago I now have 2 followers, yay!!  A big hello to Daisy and That Classy Brit Welcome!!!
I’ve just got home from work and I’ve definitely got that Monday feeling.  I don’t hate my job by any means, I just don’t like Monday.  Wish it was still the weekend!
I’m so please with how my make-up has lasted today, that Mac Primer is a godsend, seriously!  Now I’m just relaxing with a cuppa (of sprite may I add!)   I think I’m going to sign up to glossybox this evening.  They look gorgeous so I’m going to trial them.  The boyfriend is out so I think I’m going to catch up with some YouTube Beauty Guru video’s and blogs 🙂  If you know of any good ones, drop them in the comment box below 
Love Loves
x x